About our name…

It undoubtedly took some time for us to come up with a name for our new endeavor.

Was it a difficult process? Actually, no! From the very beginning, we knew that our name should have the same pleasant vibe as the idea of distilling drinks according to the recipes of a dearly-departed loved one. At the same time, we felt the name should be powerful and resonant, reflecting the strong character of the recipes’ author. Round and round the discussions went, focusing on the Russian words for “grandpa”, “grandfather”, “spirit”, and “soul”. We just couldn’t find a good combination that would convey the desired effect.

Since Valentin Ivanovich, the titular Grandpa, named his distillates using English words, we decided to do the same. As soon as we settled on Grandpa’s Spirit Distillery, we knew had found what we were looking for. Everything about it struck a chord with us, from the way it sounded to the calm, confident manliness it emanated.

It’s even got wordplay to boot! We’d love to see some of your suggestions on our Instagram https://www.instagram.com/grandpasspirit