There are two ways of producing spirits: distillation and rectification.


This method has been well-known since ancient times. It involves the extraction of alcohol vapors from a substance containing alcohol, and the collection of the subsequent condensation.

The result is a water-alcohol solution that preserves the taste of the raw ingredients. Depending on the strength of the resulting solution, it can be further diluted with water to improve its potency.

Most regional alcoholic beverages (rum, tequila, Calvados, etc.) are produced this way.


This is a relatively new method of production, discovered with the invention of fractionating columns. It also involves heating a liquid containing alcohol, but it uses thermal and mass exchange between steam and condensed droplets, resulting in highly concentrated alcohol, devoid of foreign impurities.

Nowadays, vodka is made this way, by diluting rectified alcohol with water to make it reach its desired potency.

Thus, all modern production of strong alcohol is carried out by the two methods described above in their minor variations: different stills are used, different amounts of harmful impurities are stripped out, etc.

It should be noted that it is these very variations (the so-called production nuances) that have a significant impact on the quality of the final product.

At the same time, in the pursuit of profit, large manufacturers often do not pay due attention to these nuances, sacrificing quality for quantity.

Grandpa’s Spirit Distillery, where real craft is made

We’re convinced that this fast approach to production gave rise to the fashion of supposedly-essential steps when manufacturing spirits, such as filtering the drink with egg whites, milk, or carbonation.

We produce high-quality grain distillate – a real craft drink.

While we have some trade secrets, we can say that our drinks are made from premium raw ingredients using double distillation on copper equipment, with careful removal of harmful impurities, which allows you to get a product of exceptional purity with an excellent taste.