Who are we?

We are a team of like—minded individuals driven by the idea of creating quality craft alcoholic beverages.

Each of us came to the understanding that life could pass us by if we spent it living day-to-day for a regular paycheck. We decided it was time to start a business that could cater to specific tastes.

At that moment, one of us experienced a loss — the death of his paternal grandfather, the strong man whose portrait you now see on our logo.

Among his grandfather’s personal belongings was a notebook with recipes for white whiskey. While his grandfather was still alive, his grandson often had the opportunity to try this whiskey, whose mild taste and aroma still evoke warm memories.

These memories helped us realize we had found our niche, and since some of the team had experience in distilling, we had our business idea: production of distillate according to grandpa’s recipes.

Our goal is to run a small business legally producing these beverages.