…a well-made corn whiskey!

Our debut in whiskey production, following the Sea Dog’s recipe, has once again earned high praise at the prestigious international Barleycorn Awards. The spirit clinched a silver medal in the fall stage of the competition!

The judging panel comprises trade writers skilled in evaluating the taste, quality, and character of fine spirits. Entries undergo blind testing, are judged randomly, and are not compared to others in their category. Judges grade each entry on a 100-point scale, considering criteria such as appearance, aroma, taste, and finish.

Spirits scoring 80-89 points receive Silver. “What a nice sip, a well-made corn whiskey!” summarizes the collective judges’ impression from the sample we presented.

Considering that participants are not informed of their scores, who knows, perhaps our White Corn Whiskey was just one point shy of claiming gold…
Link to the competition results: Barleycorn Awards – Silver Winners Fall 202