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White corn whiskey

The fifth release from the Grandpa’s Spirit Distillery line is a whiskey filled with the spirit of America from the traditional raw material for both American continents: corn. The taste is sweet and approachable. The aroma and finish are led by impressions of sweet caramel, a fresh bourbon and scent of caramalized pecans. Pair with White corn whiskey

White wheat whiskey

Grandpa’s Spirit Distillery’s fourth beverage is a one–component drink, from the most common grain crop in the world – wheat. The aroma, taste and aftertaste are all characterized by softness and sweetness, as well as shades of hay, honey, and white bread. It is the most versatile option for feasts, the perfect accompaniment for any White wheat whiskey

White buckwheat whiskey

Our third product is a buckwheat whiskey, title holder in “the most Russian taste” drink contest. It is soft, warming, and quite sweet. Notes of buckwheat porridge, buckwheat honey, warm pastries, and field herbs are easily recognizable. It goes well with Russian and Ukrainian dishes. It is especially recommended for buckwheat dishes (buckwheat porridge with White buckwheat whiskey

White rye whiskey

The second distillate from Grandpa’s Spirit Distillery is a grain solo made from rye, presented in a crystal-clear form. In its gentle, warming taste, aroma, and aftertaste, you can distinctly detect notes of rye bread and honey. It would be an excellent accompaniment to rich soups and meat dishes of various national cuisines, and best White rye whiskey

White whiskey (wheat, rye, barley).

Grandpa’s Spirit Distillery’s first drink is a grain mix of wheat, rye and barley in perfect proportions. It has an exceptionally mild warming taste with a bright bread aroma and a honey-floral aftertaste. An ideal pairing for Slavic cuisine, it is a worthy accompaniment to any steak, and an excellent substitute for vodka in alcoholic White whiskey (wheat, rye, barley).